How to Play the Samoan Rugby and What You Need to Know?

Talofa! In this article, we are going to learn the most popular and exciting sport called rugby which is played by the Samoan people, and we are also going to talk about the rules on how to play Samoan rugby as well. Photo credit: Edgar Pimenta


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1/27/2021 2 min read

What is Samoan Rugby?

Samoan Rugby is a fun team game that consists of 15 players played by Samoan people where you throw a ball behind you to your teammates and your main goal is to run down the field to score a goal. While your team is trying to advance down, the other team will try to tackle you to stop you from reaching their goal line. 


If we observe closely, Samoan rugby is similar to American football but the difference is that Samoan rugby will involve continuous tackling, limitless running, skills and tricks and no protective padding and helmets. Also the ball used is bigger than the one used in American football!


A short history of the Samoan Rugby

The Marist Brothers of the Schools introduced the game in the country in 1924. Afterward, the Western Samoa Rugby Football Union was formed in the same year with Samoa joining international games against Fiji. The won the return-match by 9–3 to draw the series!


The country produces top players including Brian "The Chiropractor" Lima who was inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame in 2011. He earned the moniker for his hits both on and off the game that supposedly rearranges the bones of the victim.


Rugby union 

Rugby union is the most popular sport in Samoa as visibly played on the island. The Samoan sports team competed in every Rugby World Cup and always ranked on the Top 20 leagues.


Rugby league

Did you know that Samoa is one of the highest producers of top National Rugby League players in the world? That’s true! The teams are always present in playing on the Super League and National Leagues.


What are the important rules in Samoan Rugby?

The most obvious rule is no forward passes! That means that it will only be at the side to sides or backward passes. Only 15 men per team can be on the field at all times playing. 



All teams aim to have a try, which gives the team a total of 5 points! You get a try in three ways: (1) doing a literal touchdown, (2) going across the end line, and (3) grounding the ball. There is also a penalty kick and drop goal where you may earn 3 points. 



A common way to tackle your opponent was strangling! Moving forward safer tackle techniques are used. It is indeed a very rough and difficult sport.


Just like any other physical sport, Rugby is very exciting and fun to play with your friends. If you come to visit Samoa, playing this sport with the community is a great way to get to know them more!