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The pressure of wedding day photography is not something that ought to be taken casually. While it may sound incredulous, a wedding space is one of the fastest and inconvenient social gatherings for a photographer to document. It’s an uphill task and if he doesn’t know how to cope with the hustle and bustle, your wedding day photos can be a disaster. Even photographers who are well established in other genres fail to capture impressive wedding photos. But don’t worry, at JFresh we offer Affordable wedding packages Airds. Our wedding photographers are capable of firing off brilliant shots in quick succession, often despite fast changing light.

True professional

A professional photographer will have invested thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, to procure quality equipment and training.  But his work is only considered to be good after the wedding pictures are out and appreciated. His reputation is thus always on the line, and there little or no complacency. Our wedding photographers will not bail on you a couple of days before the wedding for some other work, or vanish with your guests after the marriage ceremony.

Art for Art’s Sake

Our photographers are passionate about wedding portraiture and because it is artistically rewarding for them to capture real human emotions on such a significant day of one’s life. They will give their best in the pursuit of art and compile a spectacular wedding album for Affordable wedding packages Airds. On the other hand, an amateur photographer who does not specialize in wedding photography will have no idea about what constitutes the perfect moment, let alone the perfect shot.

Right poses

Our experts have a lot of experience when it comes to using poses, angles and light to enhance the wife-to-be’s best features and conceal all kinds of imperfections.  Every bride wishes to look her best on her wedding day. Affordable wedding packages Airds can make that possible.  A pose which looks fantastic on a particular bride, might not compliment another bride.  Our experienced photographers have worked with newlyweds of all shapes and sizes and can offer great insight on which poses are more suited for a particular couple.


A good wedding photographer should also be both self-assured and charming to be able to take photos of guests without irking them.  This necessitates experience, expertise and the right temperament. Our experienced wedding photographers will speak to a bride and groom with a list of shots, and work with them to get a clear understanding of the wedding day moments the couple would like to include in their dream photo album.